Football Livestream


Friday night lights has been a high school tradition since the late 19th century.  A lot has changed since it’s humble beginnings and there is perhaps no home crowd like a stadium full of East Texas families cheering for their home team.  This year spectators that would like to watch the games from the stands but are unable to attend will be able to see the game livestreamed through the Athletic Department’s HUDL camera on the Frankston ISDs YouTube channel.

The HUDL camera system allows for a game to be recorded without the use of personnel to man a camera.  The automated system will follow the movement on the field and display a game clock and score board for viewers.  After the game has ended the HUDL cameras upload the recording to the analytic software that will provide the coaching staff with statistics that will aid them in studying the game and preparing for the next.

Watching on the HUDL livestream gives the viewer the feeling of being in the stands.  From the roar of the crowd to the play by play action, even the entertainment of the halftime show, the livestream is the best way to see the Indians without being in the bleachers.

If you are interested in watching the Mighty Indian Football team at their last two home games on Friday October 15, 2021 and Thursday October 28, 2021  click the link below at game time. 


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