Spring Band Concert Live

Spring Band Concert

The Mighty Indian Band took to the stage Tuesday night, May 18, 2021, to perform selections from their year’s work.  For the first time, the concert was able to be viewed in person as well as online via FISD’s new live stream.  The Livestream can be viewed for the next 90 days at https://boxcast.tv/view/2021-mighty-indian-band-spring-concert-282147.

Like many other extracurricular activities, Mr. Robbins and the band started the year on uncertain terms.  From Friday nights in the stands to competition season, this year was full of new rules and adjustments. Despite the uncertainty, band students worked harder than ever before.  Their hard work and commitment paid off in the Spring when they were able to compete in the 2020-2021 UIL Concert Contest and brought home Superior Ratings.

As if the year had not seen enough challenges, Mr. Robbins was unable to lead the band on stage Tuesday night due to a recent Covid diagnosis.  Though he was unable to be there in person, the work that he and the students put in was evident!  As the adage goes, the show must go on, and it did, with Mr. Robbins’ father, retired band director Mr. Gary Robbins at the helm of the High School band, and assistant band director Taylor Young providing support and direction.

The live stream of the band concert provided an opportunity for those who were unable to attend to be a part of the show.  In addition to those who were able to attend in person, 122 viewers were able to join via Livestream. 

While the 2021 Spring Concert was the first FISD Livestream event it will not be the last.  If you are unable to attend this year’s graduation, stay tuned to the FISD webpage and Facebook page for links to Livestream the event.

Band student received the following individual awards:

6th Grade Band

  • Outstanding 1st Period Woodwind Player- Chloe Dollarhide
  • Outstanding 4th Period Woodwind Player- Harlan Herbrough
  • Outstanding 6th Period Woodwind Player- Hunter Bergman
  • Outstanding 9th Period Woodwind Player- Jessie Ellis
  • Outstanding 1st Period High Brass Player- Conner Wolfe
  • Outstanding 4th Period High Brass Player- Hunter Odom
  • Outstanding 6th Period High Brass Player- Willow Blasé
  • Outstanding 9th Period High Brass Player- Aiden Barnes


  • 1st Period Low Brass Player- Haven Cunningham
  • Outstanding 4th Period Low Brass Player- Michael Bryant
  • Outstanding 6th Period Low Brass Player- Lucas Bizzell
  • Outstanding 9th Period Low Brass Player-Haden Butler
  • Outstanding 1st Period Percussionist- Eli Perry
  • Outstanding 4th Period Percussionist- Jake Marquez
  • Outstanding 6th Period Percussionist- Brayden Grey
  • Outstanding 9th Period Percussionist-Wyatt Reed
  • Most Improved 1st Period Student- Donovan Russell
  • Most Improved 4th Period Student- Liberty Wimpee
  • Most Improved 6th Period Student- Chris Kovarik
  • Most Improved 9th Period Student- Carter Stibbins
  • 1st Period Director’s Award- Dixie Bell
  • 4th Period Director’s Award- Aleiah McKee
  • 6th Period Director’s Award- Jack Suggs
  • 9th Period Director’s Award- Maria Chohn


Middle School Band

  • Outstanding Middle School Woodwind Player-Ayana Hensley
  • Outstanding Middle School High Brass Player-Timothy Ryals
  • Outstanding Middle School Low Brass Player-Joel Armas
  • Outstanding Middle School Percussionist-Haley Bragg
  • Most improved middle school student-Styphen Naranjo
  • Middle School Director’s Award-Campbell Oliver


High School Band

  • Outstanding 8th Grade Woodwind Player- Madison Burris
  • Outstanding 9th Grade Woodwind Player- Elizabeth Derr
  • Outstanding 10th Grade Woodwind Player- Brady Nolen
  • Outstanding 11th Grade Woodwind Player- Grace Giles
  • Outstanding 12th Grade Woodwind Player- Moon Nguyen
  • Outstanding 8th Grade Brass Player- Timothy Ryals
  • Outstanding 9th Grade High Brass Player- Avery Dollarhide
  • Outstanding 10th Grade High Brass Player- Savannah Lindsey
  • Outstanding 11th Grade High Brass Player- Cullen Jones
  • Outstanding 9th Grade Low Brass/Low Woodwind Player- John Riley Jimenez
  • Outstanding 10th Grade Low Brass/Low Woodwind Player- Noah Priestly
  • Outstanding 11th Grade Low Brass/Woodwind Player- Ryan Taylor
  • Outstanding 12th Grade Low Woodwind Player- Kevin Tinsley.
  • Outstanding 8th Grade Percussionist- Haley Bragg
  • Outstanding 9th Grade Percussionist- Alex Prater
  • Outstanding 10th Grade Percussionist- Kaleb Lawson
  • Outstanding 11th Grade Percussionist- Riley Selman
  • Outstanding 12th Grade Percussionist- Dakota Coats
  • Most Improved 9th Grade Student- Tessa Smith
  • Most Improved 10th Grade Student- Abby Menjivar
  • Most Improved 11th Grade Student- Gracie Roark
  • 9th Grade Director’s Award- Teacup
  • 10th Grade Director’s Award- Henry Suggs
  • 11th Grade Directors Award- Haidyn Hokit
  • The 2021 recipient of the John Phillip Sousa Award and $500 scholarship is Jeremy Nichols.

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