SHAC (School Health Advisory Committee)

Last Updated: 10/14/2019 1:37 PM

SHAC (School Health Advisory Committee)

  • All schools districts are required to have a School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) to advise their local administration and school board about health concerns.  

  • SHAC’s provide the most effective ways for schools to interact with the local community on school health issues and serve as an advocate to promote nutrition and physical activity.

  •  Recent educational programs such as AIM for Success, Nutritional Monitoring and Fitness Grams are the direct result of our FISD SHAC.

  •  FISD SHAC meets annually in August in preparation for the new school year and meets 4 times during the school year.

  •  Any parent/guardian having any questions or interested in serving on the SHAC board, please contact Amy Porter, LVN, FISD School Nurse